Zim Passport Application Form

Zimbabwe Passport Application To download full version copy this link into your browser http //www. Zimbabwe Business visa Application - VisaHQ.

Requirements for application for a Zimbabwean passport. Please be advised that applicants need to COME in person and submit your application form because. Plus passport processing fees – to be paid in Zimbabwe in cash: If a child under 18 yrs is applying for a passport, Section 5 of the form must be completed by. Zimbabwean passport form Yesterday, a report in the state run daily The Herald, reported that the Registrar-General Tobaiwa Mudede.

Application for Zimbabwe Passport. To view this form you need: Internet Explorer and the latest version of Adobe Reader. Please update your browser.

Department of the Registrar General Zimbabwe. must sign section 5 of the passport application form and produce original ID or valid Zimbabwe passport.

Passport Application Requirements. The applicant has to visit the Embassy in person for fingerprinting and authentication of documents. The appropriate forms . See this form below.1 Form. then complete by hand. or passport Birth Entry Number – located on your birth certificate in the lower-left corner Surname – last . Zimbabwe Passport Application Form: Zimbabwe Passport is a document issued by the Government of Zimbabwe to the Citizens of Zimbabwe.

According to today's Herald, the Registrar General's office now enables one to access the passport application form online, fill it in, print it out.

Zimbabweans can now download passport and other personal document application forms online, as the government attempts to unclog.


Go to the Zimbabwe Embassy on The Strand, London and get your passport application form. If you are located in the USA, Canada, Australia or Rest of The.

Now that you have all the documents mentioned above, you should go to the Zimbabwe Embassy to get your Passport Application Form.

The father/mother or other legal guardian of children under 18 years must sign section 5 of the passport application form. Legal guardian's. These range from the status of passport applications submitted both at home Contact form on their website: You will be given a P34 form and a Passport form to complete in black In order for someone to submit your passport application in Zimbabwe.

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