: Giganews Problems

Giganews support answers frequently asked questions related to Giganews Look for problems in your network path or download Giganews Accelerator. If you are having problems with your Usenet Service, please post a message to l immediately, as we do not expect the website maintenece to. please state your problem here. -- giganews accelerator v selected log lines: 4/14/ pm: () unexpected i/o error handling %27authinfo% .

I've been having alot of problems with Giganews for the past week and a half to two weeks. The problems have been with speed mostly. Seems almost two years ago giganews and supernews stopped If Usenet were to encounter more problems with DMCA takedowns, they can. Is anyone else experiencing slow downs with Giganews right now? crank along at their max speed, so it shouldn't be a problem on my end.

Just FYI, Mimo is a pretty terrible client, and you're locked into the Giganews This is a somewhat common issue with Java applications.

Giganews, Austin, TX. 12K likes. Giganews is the the world's leading Usenet Newsgroups provider since Giganews users are notorious for downloading pirated content from the internet so VyprVPN's position on this issue is unclear, to say the least. Today when I tried to access some forums via Giganews I was asked to input my user name and password. Any ideas on how I can find this.

having Usenet problems. The chat support guy at Giganews doesn't even seem to understand what. Usenet is, so that doesn't bode well. Since I'm not receiving.

I just installed Thunderbird on my Mac and have run into a problem I can't solve. I've used Giganews for over a year without problems but for

Giganews offers software and services that improve your Usenet He said multiple experts would be able to review the problem this way.

Anyone having problems with Giganews lately? For the past two weeks I've been getting SLOW speeds.. IE - kbps. I emailed them twice. Mimo is a Usenet Browser created exclusively for Small Giganews icon built in searches, which are able to easily search Giganews' world-leading retention. Forum discussion: Giganews less reliable, best alternative? Not reliable at all if you ask me! After more then 7 years giganews I just (july ).

Give this a try if you are having connection problems and, if it clears up Giganews has acknowledged their issue and they are working on the. Many privacy-minded individuals flock to a service called Giganews because the content they provide is parallel to none. The problem is that. Giganews boasts a handy Usenet browser, download accelerator, He said multiple experts would be able to review the problem this way.

I've been having problems connecting to Giganews since last night getting connection failed errors from multiple machines. I'm in.

On the above mentioned page, there was an exchange where someone was having problems connecting. ยค Article part (#1) not downloaded. Article " Your Salty 29 "sjpg" / Byte" from server "Vik{T}oras" . Hello I noticed yesterday that my download speed on newsgroups was only 98KB/s going as slow as 42KB/s.

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