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British National Party (BNP) membership and contacts list. The BNP is a "far right" party, whose members are banned by the UK civil service.

The British National Party (BNP) is a right wing ethno-nationalist party, best known for its policy of ridding Britain of ethnically non-white.

The BNP membership list broken down into UK constituencies. A detailed membership list of the British National party containing names, addresses and telephone numbers was published on the internet this. As various news organisations have been reporting, the membership list for the My map did not reveal the details or specific location of any BNP member.

In November the membership list of the British National Party (BNP) was published online. On September 1, a disgruntled former official Matt Single .

The British National Party has lost its membership list - the whole thing has been published online. The list includes names, addresses, phone.

The leaking of its membership list has blown apart the myth about the British National Party and exposed the unpalatable truth about the spread. Now that the entire membership list of the far-right British National the lists offers us some fascinating insights into who supports the BNP. The full BNP Membership List has been leaked online to an anonymous blog.

The British National Party faced embarrassment after a new leaked alleged membership list suggested it had fewer supporters than it. BNP membership list leaked onto internet. A police officer, more than a dozen soldiers, a vicar and a Chelsea pensioner have been named on. Cannot Find British National Party (BNP) membership and contacts list? comment that the BNP aren't bonehead knuckle-scraping neo-nazis and are actually.

Updated: BNP member list mashed with Google maps creates a sea of about the leaking of the membership list of the far-right/racist British. The British National Party's list of members has been posted onto the internet. Details of more than 12 people involved with the extreme right-wing group. Dopey Keith (above) is UK based and in possession of the stolen BNP membership list. You can take out a small claims court action against him for damages.

The far-right BNP (British National Party) is no stranger to making headlines in the United Kingdom for their controversial views. BNP leader. Wikileaks has insisted the list is an accurate indication of the BNP's membership as of April, though it warned people not to take it at face value. The British National Party (BNP) is a far-right, fascist political party in the United Kingdom. .. In November , the BNP membership list was posted to WikiLeaks, after appearing briefly on a weblog. A year later, in October , another list of.

BNP membership list appears on Wikileaks | Politics | A detailed membership list of the British National party containing names.

The eyewitness who insists Jo Cox's killer shouted “Britain First” before murdering the MP was on the leaked BNP membership and contacts. Because the British National Party's membership list has been One anti-BNP website, Harry's Place, having drawn attention to the list. A freelance journalist has explained his decision to post a copy of the full leaked members list for the far-right British National Party on his.

Abstract: Support for the British National Party (BNP) has grown exponentially in the last decade. Using a leaked membership list, we locate over 12, As for the so-called BNP membership lists, how do you know they're real? Anyone can make up a load of names and addresses, if they're so. This story broke yesterday, with the entire membership list of the fascist, far-right, British National Party (BNP) published online by a disgruntled former member.

BNP 'membership list' is posted online tuk-bnp-members-list-is-posted-onlineehtml. LONDON (Reuters) - The entire membership list of the far-right British National Party has been leaked by disgruntled former employees and. BNP membership list: by constituency. Drag the small square around the inset map to see the BNP membership numbers in different parts of.

I know one person who is definitely a member, She isn't on this. . and my personal details have been published in the BNP membership list.

A police constable whose name appeared on a leaked list of British National Party (BNP) members has been sacked, Merseyside Police said.

The British National Party faces a data protection probe after its entire membership list was posted online. The list includes the names.

Two people were arrested following the leaking of a list of BNP members, British police confirmed today. With a presence in 75 countries, including all the main international financial markets, BNP Paribas can boast one of the most extensive global banking networks. His full name and current address are contained online, in a list which also showed that a second BNP member is listed as being a member of.

Cllr. Brian. Allan. Boundary Road. Cumbria. CA2 4HT. / 12/ Standard. Cllr. Ronald W. Doncaster. 34 Beverley Road. Essex. The British National Party is up in arms today after its entire membership list has allegedly been leaked online. I hadn't realised the BNP had become proscribed, that it was illegal to be a member. Most of us are not fans of the party but the fact remains.

The British National Party is demanding a police investigation after a list of members found its way onto the internet. Nick Griffin, leader.

A serving police officer named in a leaked list of British National Party (BNP) members has been sacked, his force said. Related Posts:BNP hit by second leak of 'members database'Two charged with leaking BNP membership list (update 1)BA suspends cabin. Are companies right to axe staff for being members of the BNP? Read: BNP membership list and Google mash-ups on Gordon's Republic.

Member List. The results are being filtered by the organization: BNP Paribas Hanoi Branch. Clear Search. Search Directory. Select Category.

Membership Data Becomes Newest Weapon Against Britain's Far-Right BNP The list doesn't reflect BNP membership, he says; it includes.

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The Times reports that the entire membership list of the BNP has been published on the internet leading to concerns amongst members that. i always find it ironic that the UAF get all worked up about a shower of incompetent Nazi wannabees, who have ZERO power. while at the same. BNP Paribas, Director ; member of the Financial Statements Committee ; Veolia Environnement, Director ; Ecole nationale supérieure Mines ParisTech.

Newsnight commissioned polling company Ipsos-MORI to analyse the BNP membership list. The top five places where BNP members live are. The lecturer has denied that he is a current BNP member. Dr Glover's name was on a list of BNP members that was leaked last year and. Entire BNP membership list goes online. Posted by Antifascist. Before reading this, you should appreciate that there are very strict limitations on.

Judge Paul Collins issued an injunction ordering the far-Right group to comply with race equality laws. He said: "The membership list will have.

Extremist Legacies and BNP Membership Matthew Goodwin, David Cutts and (Leaked) BNP Membership List • A list of over 13, names and addresses.

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